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    title: "Dynatree", // Tree's name (only used for debug outpu)
    minExpandLevel: 1, // 1: root node is not collapsible
    imagePath: null, // Path to a folder containing icons. Defaults to 'skin/' subdirectory.
    children: null, // Init tree structure from this object array.
    initId: null, // Init tree structure from a < ul >  element with this ID.
    initAjax: null, // Ajax options used to initialize the tree strucuture.
    autoFocus: true, // Set focus to first child, when expanding or lazy-loading.
    keyboard: true, // Support keyboard navigation.
    persist: false, // Persist expand-status to a cookie
    autoCollapse: false, // Automatically collapse all siblings, when a node is expanded.
    clickFolderMode: 3, // 1:activate, 2:expand, 3:activate and expand
    activeVisible: true, // Make sure, active nodes are visible (expanded).
    checkbox: false, // Show checkboxes.
    selectMode: 2, // 1:single, 2:multi, 3:multi-hier
    fx: null, // Animations, e.g. null or { height: "toggle", duration: 200 }
    noLink: false, // Use < span > instead of < a > tags for all nodes
    // Low level event handlers: onEvent(dtnode, event): return false, to stop default processing
    onClick: null, // null: generate focus, expand, activate, select events.
    onDblClick: null, // (No default actions.)
    onKeydown: null, // null: generate keyboard navigation (focus, expand, activate).
    onKeypress: null, // (No default actions.)
    onFocus: null, // null: set focus to node.
    onBlur: null, // null: remove focus from node.

    // Pre-event handlers onQueryEvent(flag, dtnode): return false, to stop processing
    onQueryActivate: null, // Callback(flag, dtnode) before a node is (de)activated.
    onQuerySelect: null, // Callback(flag, dtnode) before a node is (de)selected.
    onQueryExpand: null, // Callback(flag, dtnode) before a node is expanded/collpsed.

    // High level event handlers
    onPostInit: null, // Callback(isReloading, isError) when tree was (re)loaded.
    onActivate: null, // Callback(dtnode) when a node is activated.
    onDeactivate: null, // Callback(dtnode) when a node is deactivated.
    onSelect: null, // Callback(flag, dtnode) when a node is (de)selected.
    onExpand: null, // Callback(flag, dtnode) when a node is expanded/collapsed.
    onLazyRead: null, // Callback(dtnode) when a lazy node is expanded for the first time.
    onCustomRender: null, // Callback(dtnode) before a node is rendered. Return a HTML string to override.
    onCreate: null, // Callback(dtnode, nodeSpan) after a node was rendered for the first time.
    onRender: null, // Callback(dtnode, nodeSpan) after a node was rendered.

    // Drag'n'drop support
    dnd: {
        // Make tree nodes draggable:
        onDragStart: null, // Callback(sourceNode), return true, to enable dnd
        onDragStop: null, // Callback(sourceNode)
        // Make tree nodes accept draggables
        autoExpandMS: 1000, // Expand nodes after n milliseconds of hovering.
        preventVoidMoves: true, // Prevent dropping nodes 'before self', etc.
        onDragEnter: null, // Callback(targetNode, sourceNode)
        onDragOver: null, // Callback(targetNode, sourceNode, hitMode)
        onDrop: null, // Callback(targetNode, sourceNode, hitMode)
        onDragLeave: null // Callback(targetNode, sourceNode)
    ajaxDefaults: { // Used by initAjax option
        cache: false, // false: Append random '_' argument to the request url to prevent caching.
        timeout: 0, // >0: Make sure we get an ajax error for invalid URLs
        dataType: "json" // Expect json format and pass json object to callbacks.
    strings: {
        loading: "Loading…",
        loadError: "Load error!"
    generateIds: false, // Generate id attributes like < span id="dynatree-id-KEY" >
    idPrefix: "dynatree-id-", // Used to generate node id's like < span id="dynatree-id-<key>" >.
    keyPathSeparator: "/", // Used by node.getKeyPath() and tree.loadKeyPath().
    cookieId: "dynatree", // Choose a more unique name, to allow multiple trees.
    cookie: {
        expires: null // Days or Date; null: session cookie
    // Class names used, when rendering the HTML markup.
    // Note: if only single entries are passed for options.classNames, all other
    // values are still set to default.
    classNames: {
        container: "dynatree-container",
        node: "dynatree-node",
        folder: "dynatree-folder",

        empty: "dynatree-empty",
        vline: "dynatree-vline",
        expander: "dynatree-expander",
        connector: "dynatree-connector",
        checkbox: "dynatree-checkbox",
        nodeIcon: "dynatree-icon",
        title: "dynatree-title",
        noConnector: "dynatree-no-connector",

        nodeError: "dynatree-statusnode-error",
        nodeWait: "dynatree-statusnode-wait",
        hidden: "dynatree-hidden",
        combinedExpanderPrefix: "dynatree-exp-",
        combinedIconPrefix: "dynatree-ico-",
        hasChildren: "dynatree-has-children",
        active: "dynatree-active",
        selected: "dynatree-selected",
        expanded: "dynatree-expanded",
        lazy: "dynatree-lazy",
        focused: "dynatree-focused",
        partsel: "dynatree-partsel",
        lastsib: "dynatree-lastsib"
    debugLevel: 1 // 0:quiet, 1:normal, 2:debug

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