children: [
    title: null, // (required) Displayed name of the node (html is allowed here)
    key: null, // May be used with activate(), select(), find(), ...
    isFolder: false, // Use a folder icon. Also the node is expandable but not selectable.
    isLazy: false, // Call onLazyRead(), when the node is expanded for the first time to allow for delayed creation of children.
    tooltip: null, // Show this popup text.
    href: null, // Added to the generated < a > tag.
    icon: null, // Use a custom image (filename relative to tree.options.imagePath). 'null' for default icon, 'false' for no icon.
    addClass: null, // Class name added to the node's span tag.
    noLink: false, // Use < span > instead of < a > tag for this node
    activate: false, // Initial active status.
    focus: false, // Initial focused status.
    expand: false, // Initial expanded status.
    select: false, // Initial selected status.
    hideCheckbox: false, // Suppress checkbox display for this node.
    unselectable: false, // Prevent selection.
    // The following attributes are only valid if passed to some functions:
    children: null // Array of child nodes.
    // NOTE: we can also add custom attributes here.
    // This may then also be used in the onActivate(), onSelect() or onLazyTree() callbacks.

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